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Squeeze Burger has it, Squeeze Burger will make it.

Growing up in the Sacramento area, enjoying the legendary Squeeze Burger w/ a cheese skirt at the original Squeeze Inn location, it is easy to see why owners Charles Rogers & wife, Jennifer, opened up a Squeeze Burger in Roseville. “We are the only owners now that have trained in their original building; there are multiple locations, but we trained in the shack before it closed.”

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The only Cheeseburger in the world that has more cheese than burger.


Dress your burger with a cheese skirt at the Squeeze Inn

A Sacramento culinary legend is now making Roseville its new home. The Squeeze Inn – famous for its cheese-skirted burgers – set up a new franchise at 106 N. Sunrise Avenue a few weeks ago. All ready, people are lining up at its doors before 10:30 a.m., eager to have the restaurant’s cheeseburgers made famous by a number of magazine and news articles along with TV appearances, including the Food Netwok shows Guy Fieri’s “Diner, Drive-ins and Dives, Carnival Eats & Carnival Cravings w/ Anthony Anderson” Charles Rogers and wife, Jennifer, are the franchise owners as well as friends with Travis Hausaur and his family – the people behind the original Squeeze Inn. “You can say we’re all one big extended family,” Rogers said.

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Squeeze Burger, Keeping a 30 year tradition alive and kickin!

Rob on the road

That is honestly the best burger I have ever had! – Rob on the Road

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